My company offers the best work in a variety of logging options and types of cuts to match the needs of both residential and commercial clientele. Based on your financial and management goals as the forest owner, we will match the best type of cut to your forest. We also look at many other types of forest variables ( tree species, soil type, size, stems per acre, previous logging, etc). We always recommend and promote proper logging and sustainable cut types to our clients, but we will log your forest anyway you desire. The timber to be cut will be marked if requested and we always mark boundary lines. We also offer landclearing services to anyone developing land, building, or in need of pasture land. We cover almost all of New York state! I look forward to working with you and your forests, please call anytime at 315-219-3099, Thank You!

Marketing Your Forest Products

I offer the land owner the best markets for your timber. Through experience and becoming friends with many people in the forest industry, I have found that many loggers, landowners, and foresters either lack good markets or get taken advantage of by various types of log buyers. The landowners and the good loggers are the ones who are ultimately hurt by this. Not only do the landowners many times, get taken advantage off financially in their timber purchases, but most times there forests end up getting destroyed or mismanaged in the process, due to stripping and high grading. What do I offer? I offer you the best markets for your timber in the industry. In other words I will practice proper logging on your property, do the cleanest work and also pay you more for your timber than any other company. I can do this because I know what the end markets are and I market your timber to them. There is no middle man involved, which is the case most times with most log buyers, foresters, and loggers. I offer different types of payment to the forest owner for their forest products  based on what they prefer. I also offer the  price sheets to the landowner for each load sent out if desired. I look forward to working with you, thank you!