Sustainable Forestry

Sustainable forestry has many definitons. Most loggers and foresters agree that it is harvesting timber and cull wood, in an efficient but clean manner, avoiding damage to the residual stand of trees. The residual stand being the trees that are being left for future harvests. There are many ways to manage forests for both wildlife and timber, but usually the best way to manage healthy forests is through light harvests and continued thinnings. Sometimes patch clear cuts, shelter woods, and clearcuts are necessary, but this is reserved for forests that were abused or need to be completely restarted because of previous  bad logging practices or regeneration of specific species such as red oak is desired. Most times all that is needed are light, more frequent thinnings in your forest every 8 to 20 years depending on the forest type. Thinning saw timber and cutting low grade cull trees, while practicing proper logging is the best way to manage most healthy forests. Please contact us anytime, we look forward to working with you, Thank You!