Hello, My name is Cody S. Johnson (owner/founder of JOHNSON FORESTRY & TIMBER HARVEST LLC). I established my logging and forestry company in the spring of 2015, while attending Paul Smiths College of Forestry. Upon completion of my  forestry/timber harvesting degree and fisheries and wildlife degree, I moved back to my home town of Poland, NY, where my business headquarters is located. I realized the need for sustainable logging, something that was traditionally practiced all over the country but started to die away in the 1990's. The amount of good  forests being high graded and/or stripped really caught my attention and concerned me. I realized the need for proper logging practices in all of New York State and the country. Having already learned and practiced proper logging to begin with from good loggers, my companies reputation for good work has spread all over New York State and into Pennsylvania. We went from advertisements to almost entirely word of mouth advertisement in less than a year of being in business. My business is expanding every year and I now have a small fleet of forestry equipment, in order to properly, efficiently, and cleanly log any type of forest and terrain. I look forward to working with you and meeting your forestry and logging needs. Please feel free to contact me on my cell phone any time (315-219-3099), thank you!